High purity 2 Pass HSRO + EDI system

banner3For products where there is a concern about pyrogens, it is expected that High Purity Water will be used. This applies to the products both for the Pharma and Semiconductor Industry. This also applies to the final washing of components and equipments used in their manufacture. For this we provide Pre- Filtration systems like MGF + Softener + UF and Reverse Osmosis (RO) along with EDI + UV with Post UF system which is the only acceptable method listed in the USP for producing Water for Injection. However, in the bulk Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries and some companies, Ultra Filtration (UF) is employed to minimize endotoxins in those drug substances that are administered parenterally.Another consideration is the temperature of the system. It is recognized that hot (65 “ 80°C) systems are self sanitizing. While the cost of other systems may be less expensive for a company, the cost of maintenance, testing and potential problems may be greater than the cost of energy saved.In Distribution of the USP water system , we will treat the PW Distribution & WFI Distribution, PSG Distribution Streams with Sanitary Design Equipments.

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