Brackish Water and Reverse Osmosis System

The demand for high-quality water for different sectors has increased over the last many decades. Be it industrial, commercial, medical, municipal everyone out there today’s wants ultrapure water for different purposes. As we are familiar with how the availability of fresh water has declined over the years, well, this drop has forced the users to find alternate solutions so that the undersupply won’t hinder their development plans. People are reusing fresh water, filtering saltwater, brackish water for their use especially in the areas who have an adverse water crisis.  Purification of Brackish water can be considered similar to the desalination of seawater and brackish water is treated through RO systems – a membrane filtration system all around the world especially in the area where potable water is scarce.

Not only for the commercial use, Brackish water RO units can also be used to purify water for food and beverage industries, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, hotels, etc. reverse osmosis is such process which can eliminate both salts and organic matter by passing pressurized feed water through the membrane surface of the RO system. One can implement crossflow filtration for brackish water where water flows tangentially to the membrane surface. Crossflow filtration is ideal for industrial plants where it can be used for microfiltration given that you are combining more than one membrane filtration systems for achieving the level of ultrapure water. The major benefit with crossflow is that it slows down the scaling and fouling across the membrane surface. As the flow of the feed water is continuous across the surface, the impurities are generally washed away (due to the continuous stream flow). The lower fouling rate would thereby decrease the cleaning and maintenance cost which would decrease the overall cost as well as improve the overall performance of the system.

When it comes to the success rate of the purification, then the treatment of brackish water with a reverse osmosis membrane filtration system results around 90 percent of the total conversion rate. Given that the sediment level of brackish water is less than 10,000 ppm, the reverse osmosis systems can easily treat the water into ultrapure one. Also, the membranes in a RO system are designed to purify water with high salt and impurity concentration. In addition, it is beneficial to treat the brackish water with a pretreatment before it enters the final stage of purifying.

There are many market leaders in membrane solutions that would make custom RO systems according to your specific requirements. And as reverse osmosis is a clean and green technology you can install it for your industrial plant or even for commercial use without any hesitation. Moreover, in order for your RO system/s to last a long time, you would have to follow a scheduled cleaning and maintenance routine. Yes, not that frequent but it would need a look after to some extent at some time. And when it comes to the cleaning and maintenance, it is better to call the professionals who are effective in their job and would help you in keeping the system working fine for years to come.

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